Statement of Faith

What We Believe

About The Bible:

We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God revealing all of human history from beginning to end. We believe both the Old and the New Testament to be the inerrant, infallible Word of God, our final authority, and the revelation of God Himself and His plan of salvation offered for all mankind.

About God:

We believe there to be only One True God. God is eternally existing in three persons as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe He is Creator of heaven and earth. He is intimately involved in the affairs of mankind and is perfect in nature, power, and glory. We believe He has revealed Himself to mankind through the Old & New Testaments of the Holy Scriptures.

The Person of Christ:

We believe Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God. We believe he has always been and forever will be in existence and fellowship with God the Father. We believe He became man in order to fulfill God’s plan for salvation without ceasing to be fully God. We believe Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of a virgin. We believe Jesus was by His very nature perfect and without sin. We believe He not only lived a sinless life, but also took the sin of man upon himself, died a substitutionary death for us on the cross, and indeed rose from the dead overcoming death, and hell. We believe we are justified through this literal, physical resurrection. We believe Jesus ascended into heaven and is now seated at the right hand of God the Father as our High Priest, Intercessor and Advocate. We believe this is God’s sole plan for salvation and that forgiveness, redemption, and reconciliation to God the Father is not possible apart from Christ Jesus. We believe Jesus is coming again to judge to the world, refine it by fire, and set up with His saints His millennial kingdom.

The Holy Spirit:

We believe that the Holy Spirit as a supernatural person of the trinity at work convicting mankind of sin and coming judgement. He is in communion with each believer indwelling and prompting them in righteousness, regeneration, and sealing them until the day of redemption.


We believe that all mankind is made in the image of God our Creator and that we were intended to live in intimate fellowship with God and others. We believe that through Adam’s sin, man’s relationship with God was broken and that because of Adam’s rebellion all have inherited a sinful nature which alienates us from our Creator God. We believe man is completely depraved and totally incapable of correcting his own condition. We believe Adam’s rebellion is what brought suffering and death into God’s creation.


We believe Jesus accomplished the complete work of salvation through His sinless life, atoning death, and victorious resurrection. We believe that salvation is a gift of God, by His grace, to those who receive Jesus Christ through a personal faith. We believe that at the moment of conversion the Holy Spirit indwells the believer placing them into the body of Christ. In this body, kept by God’s power, we will suffer, die, and rise again to eternal life in Christ Jesus.
The Church:

We believe that the church is the body of Christ. It is comprised of people from all nations, tribes, and tongues who have been called by God, heard the one true Gospel, believed on the Lord Jesus Christ, and set apart for His glory. We believe the establishment and continuance of local churches (gatherings of the believers) is clearly taught and defined in the Bible. While we believe in the autonomy and freedom of worship from any earthly authority and control, we recognize that the one true church is made up of those reliant on Jesus for the forgiveness of their sins and unified in the person, teachings, and authority of Christ as revealed to us in the Holy Scriptures. We believe the church is the bride of Christ and that we have been set apart for Christ that through His work, on the day of judgement, we will be presented to God holy and blameless.