I have had many “spilled champaign” moments over the course of my life.  What is that?  Well, you know the saying “there’s no use crying over spilled milk”.  It’s a wise saying.  Probably one your mother said because she had heard more than her fill of unnecessary crying.  But it’s simply to say there is no use getting upset over something that is already done.

But kids love milk.  It’s good for you.  It’s a necessary staple.  So how much more would it be unnecessary to cry over spilled champaign?  While it is expensive, there’s really no nutritive value.  It won’t even help hydrate you.  It’s really just a luxury.  So if you have a bottle of champaign lying about, you’re already way ahead of the game compared to most.  So regardless of any desire there may be to complain over spilled champaign, there is even less of a reason to cry over it than milk.  So “spilled champaign” has become a common phrase in our house.  Milk on steroids.  To remind each other – no use in sulking or feeling bad for yourself.  

This summer has been a whirlwind around our house.  Aside from the regular Memorial, July 4th, and Labor Day holidays, summer is hay makin’ time for my husband’s job.  And I did manage to travel a bit.  Our grandkids came to stay, which was amazing.  And our youngest daughter moved out, making my husband and I official empty nesters.  

As I set about the past week deep cleaning the places of the house I rarely visited largely due to them being our daughters domain, I had an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and cleanliness.  Long neglected corners were now ready to be used again and unwanted items sorted into “give away”  and “toss”.  But on Friday, as I crammed the last garbage bag into the outdoor garbage can, I has a realization.  There is not room in this can for one more toothpick.  And the garbage man doesn’t come til Tuesday!

I will now have to manage what I throw away.  I will have to actually think about what I can throw away today and what can wait until Tuesday afternoon.  I will be living in complete and utter madness.  After all, it will be four days before I can take the inside garbage out again.  

Thus, my “spilled champaign”.  I was frustrated.  I was sweaty and dirty from the day’s cleaning. I was tired.  And now I had another ‘thing’ I had to deal with.  A small thing? Yes.  But a thing nonetheless.  And that’s when the Holy Spirit taps me on the shoulder.  The reason my garbage can is overflowing is because I have an ample sized home that once housed 3 of my four children and had welcomed my grandkids on several occasions.  The reason my garbage can is overflowing is because my youngest daughter has finally and successfully launched into life on her own.  The reason my garbage is overflowing is because I have been given more than I deserve or could have even known to ask for.  I have let my blessings become my curse – I was crying over “spilled champaign”.

So in lieu of champaign, I grabbed a Perrier.  Went to the cool shade of my porch.  And decided to have a sit, thank the Lord, and raise a glass in gratitude “To Spilled Champaign and Overflowing Garbage Cans”!