January 22nd Chris Danielson and Al Robertson will be speaking at Georgetown Bible Church (4114 Baldwin St, Hudsonville, MI) as they film the Bible Idiots study guide.  Join us if you can!

9:30 Chris Danielson, Writer and Director of “Bible Idiots” will capture your attention as he discusses discipleship and the relevance of God’s word today and what it truly means to follow him.

6:00 Join Pastor Alan Robertson, the “beardless brother” of Duck Dynasty as they begin filming a small group DVD study guide that explores the Documentary “Bible Idiots.”  With the nationwide release in May, this study guide continues to follow the “Bible Idiots” journey as we discuss the authority of God and His word as we consider-  “Are we idiots for believing the Bible or would we be idiots not to?”

The “Bible Idiots” film was nominated for best documentary and most creative at the 2016 International Christian Film Festival.  It’s Bible Apologetics meets Christian Comedy and features:  Jim Daly- President of Focus on the Family, Joni Erickson Tada, June Hunt, Dan Seaborn,  Alex McFarland, Al Robertson of Duck Dynasty plus Chris and Emilee Danielson and many more!